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Since the beginning of his career Dr. Mazhar has done nothing but ACHIEVE. He has continued to set examples and raise the bar for his industry successors.

You don’t succeed when you become the best, you succeed when you keep getting better


Dr. Mazhar’s Journey


Throughout his medical career, Dr. Mazhar Jaffry has achieved many milestones. From establishing hospitals, hostels, orphanages, and research institutes to marketing different brands and helping them achieve their goals, Dr. Mazhar has done it all. He got hired by multiple companies like Johnson & Johnson and GSK to promote and manage their brand.

Career Progression


Education and

After completing his MBBS from Pakistan, Dr. Mazhar Jaffry pursued MBA with a major in marketing from Preston University, UK. Furthermore, he did MD in internal medicine from the University of Karachi. In April 2001, he pursued an internship at Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center. He was associated with several mentoring and developmental programs. Dr. Mazhar also attends numerous training programs globally, like the marketing strategy hub training in Chicago.

Accomplishments and Recognitions

Dr. Mazhar has received various awards for his contributions. He achieved awards within the low-ranking region for market share and growth in 2002. He developed and created a new 3-week rotational territory and physician database call cycle. Dr. Mazhar also coordinated team territory efforts around a coherent targeting strategy based on market data. He compiled a physician database of local advocates who drive market share through peer-peer advocacy.

Dr. Mazhar served GSK as a National training manager and achieved 99.5% ratings on all measures of training initiatives. He also achieved 10% growth in 2007-2008 as a National product manager for Imitrex. During his time at Sporanox, he achieved over 100% of forecasted sales for each year. He held their budget under 100% resulting in huge savings for the company.