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Dr. Mazhar Jaffry

Philanthropic Work Summary

Dr. Mazhar is using his resources to create positive change and make a difference in the lives of others. He is committed to making a lasting impact on the world through his philanthropic work. Furthermore, he has a clear set of values that he acts upon by aligning himself with the right causes. Moreover, Dr. Mazhar explores and researches these causes for a lengthy period of time before forming a lifelong bond with them.

Food Drives and Clean water

Dr. Mazhar is passionate about philanthropic work and finds it a deeply fulfilling and meaningful pursuit. Every few months, he donates ration bags to remote areas of Pakistan. After the 2022 flood in Pakistan. He became dedicated to helping the devastated people of the country by organizing extensive food drives that expanded far and wide. Furthermore, philanthropy work that involves building water wells in remote areas can be incredibly impactful and life-changing for the people who live in those regions. Moreover, access to clean water is a fundamental human need, and in many remote areas, it can be extremely difficult to obtain. Therefore, by building wells, Dr. Mazhar Jaffry is helping people with a reliable source of clean water, which can improve their health, hygiene, and overall quality of life.

Philanthropic Work
philanthropic work with Share


SHARE is an international organization that offers financial assistance to students. Who are unable to pay for the expenses of higher education, such as housing, travel, and tuition. Dr. Mazhar actively donates to support this honorable cause. Moreover, SHARE provides scholarships tailored to each student’s specific requirements and circumstances, and since 2013, they have assisted hundreds of students.
Furthermore, by donating to SHARE, Dr. Mazhar Jaffry helps continue to make a difference in the lives of deserving students and contribute to the development of future professionals, leaders, and changemakers. In addition, that shows his devotion to philanthropic work.

The Citizen Foundation


The Citizen

Tcf School

For Dr. Mazhar, philanthropic work is a deeply personal pursuit. He supports the causes that matter and creates a better world for future generations. Moreover, by donating to TCF, Dr. Mazhar is profusely contributing to the field of education. Furthermore, he stays in touch with such organizations and is an active contributor.

Hospital in Haiti

Dr. Mazhar is a philanthropist who enjoys philanthropic work. In addition, he recently finished building a hospital in a remote area of Haiti known as Miragoane.

Hospital in Haiti
Orphanage for Girls

Orphanage for Girls

Dr. Mazhar Jaffry has also contributed greatly to girls’ orphanages in Haiti. Furthermore, Dr. Mazhar has always believed in the young and upcoming generation of the world and applied all his available sources to help them grow and prosper. Hence, that is why he feels so strongly about the livelihood and well-being of the many neglected orphan girls in Haiti. That shows how dedicated he is to his philanthropic work. Moreover, not only has he provided monetary aid to these young women of the future, but he has also participated earnestly in their academic growth. But this is just the beginning. Dr. Mazhar has many more future endeavors planned for the generation of tomorrow.

Mazhar Hospital

Hospitals are critical infrastructures that provide essential medical services to people in need. By funding their construction and ongoing operation, Dr. Mazhar is helping improve the health and well-being of countless individuals. On the 1st of July, 1993, Dr. Mazhar Jaffry initiated Mazhar Hospital, which served Multan and its peripheral areas. This 100 bedded hospital catered to common infectious diseases including Typhoid, Malaria, and OB-GYN illnesses.

Mazhar Hospital