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Dr. Mazhar Jaffry

The sole purpose of life is to experience it. But really living life would require you to take active steps to make the lives of your brethren fuller, along with your own.

Every new drug, every new treatment starts with an idea, and the only
way to test that idea is through clinical trials and research.


Dr. Mazhar’s Journey

The Beginning

Dr. Mazhar’s voyage in the healthcare industry began with the commencement of Mazhar Hospital in 1993. What started with a 100 bedded hospital in Multan, Pakistan. And its adjacent impoverished areas soon turned into one of the most prolific philanthropic ventures in the region. The hospital soon saw over 200 patients going in and out of its doors in one day, quickly graduating from a 100 beds facility to 200 beds. Moreover, Dr. Mazhar’s persistent use of Johnson’s & Johnson’s products in the hospital earned him significant credibility as a healthcare provider.

He was then hired by Johnsons’ & Johnson’s as a senior product manager. Launching him into a corporate career that would take him around the world. However, despite the glorious job titles he’d be sworn into and the respect that followed them, Dr. Mazhar knew his true calling was in philanthropy and scientific curiosity. And by 2015, the calling grew sonorous and impossible to ignore, pushing Dr. Mazhar to establish Prime ACO and Revive Research Institute.

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Journey of Dr. Mazhar Jaffry

Why not carve out your own path instead of following
the one that has already been explored?



Dr. Mazhar’s Clinical Research Pursuit

After the passing of an immediate family member because of cancer, Dr. Mazhar realized how ill-equipped the medical industry is to battle such a formidable adversary. 2015 saw the establishment of 2 major healthcare contributors in the USA – Prime ACO and Revive Research Institute.

Prime ACO focused on promoting healthcare accountability by providing improved care and service to Medicare Fee-for_Service patients. Revive Research Institute was built to contribute to the medical industry through research and development. Witnessing the success of Revive Research Institute encouraged Dr. Mazhar to establish Revival Research Institute in 2017 and Prime Revival Research Institute in 2020. Each of these healthcare organizations dived deep into the myriad of diseases and illnesses affecting the population of today and tomorrow.

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Awards and Achievements

From serving GSK as a National training manager to becoming the founder of multiple companies Dr. Mazhar has achieved numerous awards for his contributions to the medical and industrial fields.

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Dr. Mazhar is the founder of 5 renowned companies. Prime ACO, Revive Research Institute,
Revival Research Institute, Prime Revival Research Institute, and Minerva Solutions.


Reflections on Medicine, Life, Learning, and Growth

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